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Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy
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Based upon scientific studies, we have developed the Executive’s Anti-Stress Plan to assist you and your executives in becoming more effective in business. Our principal objectives are to:
Become focused to develop clearer, well-organized and more creative ideas thereby increasing the performance of your staff. Increase your business’s production and at the same time, obtaining a higher quality of life for all. Reduction of absenteeism as we assist to increase and strengthen the Immune System of you and your staff. Create a positive mental attitude, as we establish a balanced hormone system. Increase the quality of sleep habits.
Our wellness devices designed in Germany utilizes pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) with low frequencies which is non-invasive, requires no surgery, no injections and have no negative secondary effects. The unique therapy is provided by our staff of specially trained health care professionals. The Executive’s Anti-Stress Plan includes PEMF sessions, initial and continuing therapeutic evaluations, a customized exercise and natural sleep program without using drugs with continuous monitoring by licensed Physical Therapists, orientation and recommendations in eating well, therapy of Magnatized Water plan, techniques in relaxation, review and analysis of blood examination and recommendations of supplements by doctors of Life Extension Foundation-USA.
Executive’s Anti-Stress Plan