Possible uses for APT therapy
In the following section you will find listed the most important types of treatment that are possible
with Alphatron Pulsed Therapy. We then provide more detailed information on particular problem
zones of the body with detailed examples of APT application. But first, however, the most important
types of treatment:
*  Joint diseases (arthrosis or arthritis, regeneration of the cartilage have been
     demonstrated scientifically)
*  Delayed healing of fractures (also pseudoarthrosis or stress fractures)
*  Osteoporosis and bone loss (necroses)
*  Loosening of prosthesis
*  Back pain
*  Wound healing (including post operative)
*  Injuries to muscles, tendons and nerves
*  Sports injuries, stress
*  Neuralgias, migraines, pains
*  Disorders of blood flow, arterial occlusive diseases
*  Sudeck’s atrophy
*  Ulcus cruris (leg ulcer)
*  Activation of the immune system and increase in the body’s own defences (also
    prophylactically or after severe illnesses)
*  Rheumatic diseases
*  Allergies
*  Fatigue states
*  Tinnitus
But now we will come to a few concrete examples of use of Alphatron Pulsed
Therapy in particular parts of the body:
The causes of back pain are often excess loads upon and erosion of the joint surfaces. In such cases,
Alphatron Pulsed Therapy has been shown to be helpful. Regeneration of the cartilage covering the
joint surfaces and the tissue surrounding the back will help you to move more easily, or indeed make it
possible to move at all. The result: Injuries can be overcome more rapidly. And: Back pain can be
significantly reduced - irrespective of whether the pain is due to arthritic changes or other sources of
sensitivity, such as acute inflammation. If you are unable to lie on your back, we can treat you in a
sitting or standing position.
The shoulder consists of a highly complex system involving a large joint capsule, ligaments and a
large number of different muscles. Pain is generally the result of strains, inflammation of the bursa or
tendons, of a capsule or ligament strain, or injury to the cartilage. Alphatron Pulsed Therapy allows us
to treat these joint disorders successfully using an individually adjusted magnetic energy profile.
In patients with severe arthrosis, the hip joint is often replaced with an artificial joint. Alphatron Pulsed
Therapy often makes it possible to avoid or delay operative intervention of this sort. Many patients
with early or advanced arthrosis of the hip joint, who are treated in good time with Alphatron Pulsed
Therapy, are able - as a result of strengthening of the cartilage - to avoid surgery at a later stage.
Worn out cartilage is the most common reason for pain in the knee joint. But pain may also be due to a
torn meniscus, chronic inflammation of the tendons or an injured ligament. If an affected ligament is
only partly torn, Alphatron Pulsed Therapy may even make it possible in some cases for regeneration
of the ligament structures to take place. Clinical tests have demonstrated this on many occasions.
When Alphatron Pulsed Therapy is used in this way, the cartilage structures in the joint also undergo
regeneration. Alphatron Pulsed Therapy, applied direct to inflamed tendons, can be very successfully
reinforced with an ALPHATRON ML 72 type “soft laser”.
In the examples mentioned above, we have dealt only with some of the more frequently affected joints.
The therapeutic principle on which Alphatron Pulsed Therapy is based is, however, also applicable to
all other affected joints, including, for example, hands, elbows or feet.
Patients often describe an increase in vitality. They become tired less often and feel stronger and better
able to perform throughout the day.
Alphatron Pulsed Therapy brings about an activation of the immune system and an increase in the
body’s own defences.
Even if an artificial joint is unavoidable, it is possible to achieve a good therapeutic result using
Alphatron Pulsed Therapy. Artificial hip, knee or shoulder joints achieve stability by growth of bone
onto the prosthesis. However, with the years, many prosthesis begin to detach themselves once more
(prosthetic loosening), as a result of mechanical stress or the onset of osteoporosis (destruction of the
bone structure) due to age. In many patients, an operation is very risky because they are usually elderly
or have other illnesses in addition. In patients who have already had their prosthesis changed, the bone
structure is often so drastically reduced that a further operation is impossible without fusing the joint.
If Alphatron Pulsed Therapy is used in time in such cases, the stability of the artificial joint can be re-
established by an increase in bone density.
Alphatron Pulsed Therapy is also highly recommended for preventing loosening of the prosthesis.
Following introduction of an artificial joint, the patients who can most benefit from Alphatron Pulsed
Therapy are those in whom the surgeon has not cemented the prosthesis into position, trusting that the
prosthesis will heal well within the bone. In such patients, treatment can support a rapid stabilisation of
the prosthesis in the bone and wound healing. This enables the prosthesis to bear weight sooner and
with less risk.
Clinical studies have shown that Alphatron Pulsed Therapy brings about a definite increase in bone
As has already been described, Alphatron Pulsed Therapy increases the oxygen content of the tissues
and the formation of enzymes. In neuralgias, the affected areas are particularly short of oxygen and
enzymes. Because of this, the therapy is particularly helpful in these extremely painful conditions. In
sciatica or inflammations of the nerve roots in the spine (root irritation), Alphatron Pulsed Therapy can
reduce inflammation.
Experience in the field of athletics shows that acute joint or muscle injuries (i.e. sprains, bruises,
strains) also heal more rapidly with Alphatron Pulsed Therapy. The athletes can bear weight fully
without pain significantly earlier and can resume training and competition.
Alphatron Pulsed Therapy enables wounds to heal cleanly and speedily with a minimal formation of
scar tissue in the healing phase. Alphatron Pulsed Therapy brings about a more homogenous
arrangement of connective tissue and this drastically reduces the factors that disturb healing, for
example, after spinal operations, after arthroscopies or other serious surgical interventions. Treatment
has also been shown to be successful in major skin defects, i.e. burns or after plastic surgery.
Demonstrable healing of leg ulcers and very severe soft tissue defects can be shown with Alphatron
Pulsed Therapy. In these cases, the combination with our soft laser ALPHATRON ML 72 has proven
to be extremely effective.
Allergies are definitely reduced by the purposeful use of Alphatron Pulsed Therapy and are often
eradicated completely. Numerous patients have had very good experiences, particularly in respiratory
tract allergies.
Other possible uses:
The high-performance soft laser (in the non-visible range) allows us to excite affected cells in a
purposeful manner that penetrates extremely deeply. In this way, inflamed areas of the body heal more
rapidly than usual. This has been excellently demonstrated in the treatment of pain (trigger points,
inflammation) and in the treatment of poorly healing wounds. Wounds that had not closed after weeks
were healed within a few days by Alphatron Pulsed Therapy.
The laser stimulates local metabolism in inflamed or injured tissues very strongly. As a consequence of
the natural healing process there is an increased accumulation of waste products, i.e. dead cells. Since
metabolism as a whole is stimulated by Alphatron Pulsed Therapy, the waste products do not build up
in the area of the wound, but are carried away as rapidly as possible in the blood and lymphatic
vessels. This also explains the powerful anti-inflammatory effect and rapid wound healing brought
about by Alphatron Pulsed Therapy.
And when the treatment allows we will show you appropriate exercises. You will be able to maintain
your pain-free state.
The long-term success of treatment generally depends upon the severity of the condition. In acute
traumatic and inflammatory injuries, disorders of wound healing and blood flow or the early stages of
arthrosis, in osteoporosis, fractures and fatigue states or allergies, the patients generally have a very
good rate of cure (more than 80%). Patients with chronic or chronic degenerative diseases report
responses ranging from a definite reduction in pain to complete pain relief - also persisting for many
months after the treatment has ended. The symptoms no longer recur with the same degree of severity
as in the past.
We do not treat individuals with the following conditions: Patients with an electronic device, such as a
cardiac pacemaker, and patients who are pregnant.
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