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HOW DOES IT WORK? We specialize in the treatment of stress, arthritis, arthrosis, other degenerative diseases, sports injuries, osteoporosis, bone fractures, rheumatism, migraines, depression, herniated disc, back pain, diabetic foot ulcer, corneal ulcer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, post-surgery and dental-care rehabilitation, muscular disorders, wound healing, burns, circulatory problems, and increase over-all wellness by enhancing and balancing cellular metabolism and increasing the body’s immune system.  PEMF regenerates body cells to replace sick or dead cells.  This process delays the body’s natural aging process. As a new patient, it is helpful for you to understand the essential benefits of pulsed electromagnetic therapy or Alphatron Pulse Therapy (APT) -the commercial description, and how it relates to your medical condition.   We apply a low-frequency, low-power pulsed magnetic field to the patient through an air-coil. The pulsed magnetic field causes a signal that researchers call the “bio-magnetic” signal to be placed in the affected body part.  Researchers theorize this signal causes the body to initiate and accelerate the regenerative process. Nothing electrical at any time touches the body, and there is no sensation of the treatment. These low-power pulsing magnetic fields produce tiny electrical currents within the affected area. These carefully-designed signals encourage the body to accelerate the healing process and are completely safe. After examination or referral from another physician, you will receive a personalized therapy tailored to your individual medical needs. The body operates using electrical impulses.  These impulses may arise from nerve tissue associated with muscle, or in case of joints, tiny electrical signals associated with cartilage.  In the case of muscle, associated nerve tissue provides that electrical link to the brain.  In articular cartilage, however, there is no associated nerve or blood  tissue on the articular joint itself, so how does the body know of movement in that area? One widely accepted theory of the intracellular mechanisms involved in the actual Alphatron Pulse Therapy (APT) treatment process is that cartilage, which is 80% water, contains sodium ions.  The cartilage exudes the positively-charged sodium ions under local compression.  Under flexion, (relaxation), the sodium ions return to the matrix.  This generates a small electric current, and a tiny electrical impulse is created whenever we move.  Every movement on articular cartilage causes this material, made of 80% water, to generate a tiny electrical voltage, hence a current.  These tiny currents are in turn sensed by the nerves supplied to each articular joint, and then to the brain. For example, when you take a step, you generate a tiny electrical signal.  While you may take 1,000 steps a day, during the night when you sleep, your body repairs the "wear and tear."  This is the general pattern: activity during the day, and repair of tissues which have been broken down by the daily activity, during the night.  Now, with APT, you will receive the effect of taking 1,000 steps a minute, continuously for 20-40 minutes, and without any tissue breakdown. So at night when you rest, the body acts to "repair" the damage done by all that tremendous activity, when you were taking 1,000 steps a minute.  Therefore, it is important that you are sleeping well every night. If you are having difficulty, it is important to tell your APT therapist or doctor in order to find a remedy.   Research has shown that the effect to the body is the same, and that the cell responds not to the source of the information (the signal), but the content of the signal (the wave form, frequency, intensity, etc.)  For that reason, we say that APT provides a signal to the cell which mimics the body's own natural process.  Again, that is why we say that APT is a safe, effective therapy which uses the body's own natural healing signals.   In addition, it increases the production of a chemical known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is essential for re-building tissues.  The increased metabolic activity of transporting sodium, potassium, ions, enzymes, oxygen, blood flow and an electrical charge will regenerate new body cells and assist in the natural process of removing dead cells.   APT will also provide your body with numerous beneficial side effects, such as reduce inflammation, pain, lower your stress level, elevate your mood, eliminate depression, improve sexual performance, improve quality of sleep, build up your immune system, increase bone density, and in general improve your overall quality of life. The therapy is medication-free, non-invasive and completely natural.  Magnetic fields are found naturally in the earth’s ambiance and the German manufacturer of the medical devices actually copied the natural properties of the earth by creating a pulsed electromagnetic field generator.  The major difference is that the device allows us to control or regulate the intensity, frequency and magnetic wave form.  Medical researchers have provided the manufacturer with particular protocols for each diagnosis that intend to give optimum effects.   Widely used and approved by the health ministry of most European countries, this therapy is also used in the U.S. for bone fracture healing, where it was approved as safe and effective by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in November 1979 as a "bone growth stimulator".  Worldwide, over one million patients reported to have used this therapy, with no case of adverse reaction and enjoying more than an 80% successful rate. What We Do Not Treat Patients with an electronic device, such as a cardiac pacemaker, women who are pregnant or those that suffer from stomach bleeding, are excluded from the treatment in that area.  
First Things First You should be sure that any handbags or wallets containing credit cards are kept away from the therapy unit. Magnetic fields extend up to two feet from the device and may erase magnetic strips on the back of credit cards.  If you have a wind-up watch or one that runs on batteries, leave it at least a few feet away from the magnetic coil.  Also any remote car keys or other battery-operated devices must not be in a near vicinity of the coil, as it will quickly lose its power.  Clothing There is no need to have special clothing for the therapy, as the magnetic fields completely penetrate the entire body as well as any clothing items.  The only material it will not penetrate is steel, but if you have a prosthesis, or steel plate, the magnetic field will reach the affected area as the coil is round and will penetrate on one side or the other. You may find it more comfortable to remove your shoes prior to getting into the machine.  Your Current Medication  We suggest you not alter your current medication, especially if under a physicians' recommendation.  After therapy, you may wish to cut down on the dosage as required.  In this case, check with your primary physician.  We suggest you not start any new medication while under the course of the therapy, as you will not want any confusion as to the cause of your future improvement.  We do not prescribe drugs or administer any analgesic creams or topical medications simultaneously with APT. Your Current Activities  ...may remain the same while under therapy. We strongly encourage you to not undertake any new strenuous activities during or immediately following the therapy, as the newly found pain relief may cause you to believe you can undertake new activities that your muscles are not prepared for.  The lack of normal muscular use in arthritis and other diseases, brought upon by constant pain, causes muscle strength to decrease in time.  A sudden absence of pain still leaves the muscles in a weakened state. It will be necessary for you to rebuild your strength before undertaking a full range of activities. BioMag’s physical therapists will include a series of re-conditioning exercises, which you can do at home and are part of your over-all therapy.  Resuming a new activity too soon may cause you to experience an unnecessary injury.  Smoking We are seeking optimum effects from your treatment, therefore smoking is not allowed for a period of two hours before and two hours after your APT session.  To enjoy a permanent optimum quality- of-life, refrain from smoking. Sleeping It is important to get eight hours of continuous sleep each night for your general health.  With APT it is even more important, as when you sleep you are regenerating body cells that were activated and excited during your therapy.  With many patients, APT naturally encourages the mind and body to relax and sleep two or three levels deeper.  Try to sleep during an APT session as it will allow you to sleep better at night.  Some older patients experience a reverse effect and best not undergo treatment in the evening.  Each 10 minutes of sleep during APT is equivalent to one hour of normal sleep. APT is used in treating sleep disorders as it affects brain frequencies and neuro-chemical or structural effects.   Nutrition & Exercise Our policy at BioMag Wellness is that a well-balanced diet taken at regular hours each day, without skipping meals, and a regular exercise program, are proper necessary complements to ensure proper maintenance of body tissues under repair by APT.  If you believe your eating habits are not conducive to good nutrition, we may recommend certain natural supplements and minerals.  We will provide you with a list of foods that are beneficial, those that should be avoided and those that are neutral according to your blood type. Usually we prefer that a patient refrain from a rigorous exercise routine at the initial stages of therapy until our physical therapists customizes an exercise routine for your condition when there is improvement from APT. Magnetized Water Water (H2o) is a complex fluid which composes 80% of the body.  By drinking magnetized water you are enabling the proper exchange of nutrients to the cell membrane and help the cell to eliminate waste.  We ask that you daily bring a 1½ liter plastic bottle of water, full or empty, so that we can refill it and magnetize the water for you to drink during.  According to medical researchers this provides many extra benefits to you such as: 1. Improved immune system function. 2. Elimination of toxicity of medication residuals through increased kidney function. 3. Reduces acidity in the body and promotes a more alkaline pH. 4. Increased energy to cells through better absorption of minerals and nutrients. 5. Increased hydration and mineral assimilation in cells. 6. Beneficial for kidney ailments (removal and prevention of stones), gout, obesity (improves metabolic activity), and premature aging. 7. Regulates blood pressure (high or low). 8. Revitalizes the body. 9. Therapeutic effect of digestive, nervous, and urinary systems. 10.  Beneficial for menstrual and menopause discomfort. 11.  Helps relieve pain. 12.  Can help dissipate toxic deposits in the body's connective tissue. 13.  Can be used to wash and disinfect external cuts and scrapes. 14.  Will remove the plaque on your teeth if you use it to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, and drink. 15.  Can help regulate the heart function and clear clogged arteries. 16.  Has a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system. 17.  Beneficial for asthma, fevers, colds, coughs, bronchitis and sore throats. 18.  Infuses energy into the body, controls bacteria, and stimulates brain function. 19.  Makes your hair softer and more manageable while using less shampoo when used to wash your hair. 20.  Promotes healing of wounds and burns. The founder of The Ohno Institute, Dr. Yoshitaka Ohno, M.D. and Ph.D. ( has published scientific and case studies of the effects of magnetized water in the treatment of many diseases and in its use as preventive medicine. 
What You Will Experience Most diagnosis require thirty APT sessions, each of 30 minutes duration.  APT works on the premise of the accumulation effect, meaning that each session builds upon the accumulation of all of the previous experienced sessions.  Therefore it is important not to miss any daily sessions, especially during the first four sessions.  In an emergency, one session may be missed after completion of 10 consecutive sessions.  Two days may be skipped after 20 sessions.  But as we are seeking optimum effect, it is best not to miss any session.  Once the body gets into the rhythm created by the daily sessions, it will continue this rhythm on its own and improvement will be seen for five weeks after completing the sessions.  During this week you will need to come to the clinic for your final evaluation, and as in most cases, this will be your future permanent condition.  At this point, you may want to continue the sessions if you want further improvement or be satisfied of your new condition. Alphatron Pulse Therapy works to increase blood flow, oxygen transport, enzyme production and tissue-building reactions. The frequencies used by the therapy are close to the body's own natural frequencies, hence you may fall asleep while being treated in the neck and shoulder area.  Certainly, the therapy operates below the sensory level, but while being treated, certain bodily changes are taking place.  This is a partial list of changes you may notice: Effects noticed while under therapy
Circulation Sinus Reaction Floating Pain
You may feel a "tingling" in your feet or legs due to increased blood flow. If you are being treated in the neck or shoulder area, your sinus will drain.  A sinus headache will usually lose "pressure" and disappear within 15 minutes. As the metabolic action in the area of treatment is increased, you may notice a "reaction," as your body begins the repair process.  This is a positive sign, which signals that changes are taking place. In many cases only the dominate pain is perceived.  The brain blocks out all other pain of lower intensity.  Once the stronger pain becomes secondary, pain in another area may surface and the patient may mistakenly confuse this as side effects of APT.  APT has no side effects and instead, may serve as form of diagnosing other areas of the body with cellular abnormalities or other pathological problems.
The "adaptation or reaction" phase is commonly seen as:
Grade Acute   Chronic, mild (Grade 1, 2)   Chronic, severe (Grade 3, 4)
Adaptation  or Reaction Phase Little or none   Pain increases during the 3rd - 5th session and then decreases   Pain increases by the 6th – 7th session, and then decreases
The "adaptation or reaction phase" is a sign of increased metabolic activity.  If the affected joint has been relatively immobile, or the nerve endings have become de-sensitized by the continual application of pain medication, the Alpha Pulse Therapy will "wake-up" these joints so the body may initiate the repair process.  In the case of a chronic condition, your body has de-sensitized the local joint pain, but now the therapy will seek to reactivate these tissues.  The tissues will become more sensitive, and therefore the pain may slightly increase before it feels better.  You should report the onset of the reaction phase to the therapist, as to when it starts, and when it ends (the pain starts to diminish).  The adaptation phase is a temporary period while the body is adjusting to the therapy.
Clinical Observations Condition   Acute Injury   Chronic Injuries (arthritis)   Acute - ligaments   Acute - bone fractures   Chronic Arthritis   Arthrosis (enlargement of the finger joints)
Response   Noticeable relief the 3-4th session. Peak effect in two weeks.   Noticeable relief the 5-7th session. Peak effect in six weeks.   Noticeable relief by the 4th session   Time to heal may be reduced 75%   Noticeable relief by the 4th session. Peak benefit in 6 weeks.   Pain reduction within the first week.  Reduction or elimination of the joint enlargement area may take an additional 3-6 months of therapy, but it may be possible to repair most of the disfigurement of arthritis.
Length of the Benefit & Continuing Maintenance Sessions You may regard this therapy as "permanent" to the extent that you realize that our bodies are naturally declining with age.  APT has anti-aging effects which will not make you younger, but instead delay the normal aging processes of the body. Patients have been tracked (anecdotally) for 4-10 years after therapy and have retained the benefit provided they did not re-injure themselves or were excessively overweight.  If you reinjure yourself or otherwise find the pain returning, we have found that a smaller (i.e., 50%) course of treatment is indicated to restore your benefit, as the body seems to respond more readily to the second series of sessions. Once successfully completing the initial prescribed series of APT sessions and when it is convenient and economically feasible, you can achieve optimum body conditioning and optimum auto-immune system, a stable chemical, electric and energy balance, anti-aging benefits and a multitude of other health benefits, with only one to three maintenance sessions per week.  Your body will also give you signals of any deficiencies in your system. If you have an auto-immune disease, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, the course of treatment will be different. The therapy in most instances should reverse the effects of these diseases, and will continue to hold the degenerative effects at bay, but will not cure the disease.  Usually these pathologies will require a minimum of 60 sessions. Additionally, a maintenance program is usually in order.  Your body will alert you that it needs assistance, a boost or maintenance.  It may be necessary to come in for one or several APT sessions every month or so to maintain a good quality of life.  Your body will alert you of your needs. Possible Injuries subsequent to newly found pain relief   Upon completing the full regiment of APT, you may forget that your body had an injury or sickness and you may tend to do activities which may cause re-injury. As an example, in the case of joint problems or herniated discs, a common cause of re-injury is excessive weight.  The joints of the body’s system are not designed to accommodate excessive weight.  If your body weight is in excess of 20% of your normal weight, you may re-injure the treated area just by the constant compression of the articular (joint) cartilage. Some common mistakes made by patients resulting in injury:
Before Therapy Could not lift arms above shoulders   Could not walk up steps unassisted   Could not get out of car unassisted
After Therapy Can lift arms above head and shoulders. May induce injury while picking up a heavy object.   Can walk up steps without using handrail.  This may be potentially dangerous, as the knees and feet may not have sufficient strength to accommodate normal activity. Therefore, use the handrail.   You need no assistance, but may strain a muscle by moving too quickly.
Estimating Rehabilitation Time Estimating Among many of the questions asked by patients when they initiate Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) therapy with the Alphatron (APT) or equivalent devices is “when will I begin to feel better” or “how long must I be in therapy”.  Other popular questions are “why don’t I feel better already having started therapy sessions?” The answers to these questions are relative and will vary, depending on many existing factors that determine the length of time necessary for an injury or pathology to rehabilitate. Many health issues require higher intensities to obtain sufficient stimulation, while others lower intensities.  Other abnormalities need a constant change of frequencies and others may only need a unique frequency.  This control is quite important as it can affect the length of time of treatment and may give a better result.  Your decision in selecting the proper and adequate therapy is fundamental and essential.  Sometimes the decision is unfortunately influenced by economic realities.    All bodies are different.  Some people gain results in as little as two weeks, while others need more time.  As an example in the case of bone fractures, it may take between 8 to 12 weeks for the bones to consolidate.  Therapy with PEMF and especially with APT can accelerate this process and should not be viewed as a “miracle effect”. It is a natural treatment, with no secondary effects that takes its required time. At times pharmaceutical drugs are necessary during rehabilitation and are complementary with APT.  However, one of the goals of APT treatment is to reduce the intake of drugs used, decrease pain and improve body functions without changing the body’s natural chemistry. APT works on all tissues of the body to acceleration the process of cell regeneration.  Cell regeneration diminishes pain and improves the function of the affected area.  The patient may incur many other benefits during and after treatment.  It will improve vitality and mood, increase sleep quality, improve intestinal movement, etc.  These benefits usually appear prior to having a direct affect on the target area.  Setting Expectations   Having proper expectations for the treatment greatly influences the end results.  If a patient is overly anxious or has excessively high expectations, a minimum or any improvement will not be noticed nor appreciated.   To obtain a realistic expectation we need to discover the root of the problem, the level and dysfunction of the damaged cells, the type of cells involved and the age of the patient.  We acknowledge that a patient of 20 years old will regenerate cells much faster than one of 80 years old.  The body of a younger person has more vitality and added genetic support which acts more efficiently in repairing cells from injuries and sickness.  Acute abnormalities repair faster than chronic ones. Expectations should be measured in light of the procedure to be utilized and the condition of the affected cells to be regenerated.  Miracles are rare in the area of rehabilitation and APT is not a miracle method, but it certainly is a better solution than surgery or to constantly take drugs.   Most patients which begin APT therapy have already tried other medical procedures without having results (surgery, drugs and pills, other types of treatments, etc.  To obtain permanent results the treatments must be constant.  Some pathologies require treatment for the duration of life in order to maintain a reasonable quality of life.  Instead of taking prescription drugs or having physical therapy for the rest of the patient’s life, APT offers a natural solution, without secondary effects, toxicity, and other stressful alternatives. The body naturally regenerates itself continuously and we have a new body every seven years.  Each part of the body has it’s time to regenerate itself, as an example, the cornea of the eye regenerates itself every 24 hours.  Cells in the intestines can do the same in 72 hours.  Cells of the skin and muscles of the body take between two and three weeks.  Bones may take more than seven years to totally regenerate.   There are tissues in the body (ligaments, tendons, nerves, spinal discs and cerebral discs) due to limited blood flow to these areas are slow to regenerate.  This is were APT  brings the necessary blood flow to muscles and these remote areas of the body. Recognizing Levels of Damage to Tissues Discovering and recognizing damages to the body is very important in determining the appropriate treatment required for each patient.  Depending on the severity and the damaged areas are essential to estimate the rehabilitation time of each patient.  Problems of the body have several levels of damage: Level 1- the Energetic Level; Level 2: - the Physiological Level; Level 3: -the Patho- physiological Level; Level 4: -the Pathological Level. The majority of alterations that we treat with APT are within the Energetic and the Physiological Levels. In the Pathological Level there are a vast number of damaged cells and the goal in using APT therapy is to regenerate a great majority of new cells, repair as many of the cells possible and accelerate the removal of dead cells in the affected area.   A common parallel is in the case of the common cold.  Initially the patient feels a weakness in the body and not feeling well all over.  These are the symptoms of the Energetic Level.  Then comes sneezing,, cough, throat irritation, fever, nasal congestion.  These symptoms indicate the Physiological Level. When the cell damage continues in the body for a longer period of time it may progressive with symptoms of bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc.  This now is described as a Patho-physiological Level.  Once the damage is so significant and produces damage to body functions and is categorized as the Pathological Level.  At this stage the regeneration of body cells become difficult challenge for conventional medicine and for APT therapy.  Treatment time necessary at each level   APT treatments at the Energetic Level may give the fastest results.  At the Physiological Level improvement may begin to manifest in several weeks.  Meanwhile, damage at the Patho- physiological Level (chronic illness and injuries, may take longer, from months to a year before seeing marked improvement.  Once we know the patient’s level of cell damage in the organism, it is easier to estimate the length of time needed for rehabilitation.  APT therapy will accelerate the cell regeneration of the primary affected area of the body, while at the same time, produces great benefits to the rest of the body. It depends on the magnitude and size of the area affected, type of tissue involved and the APT device used.  Some devices do not have sufficient power (intensity) nor adequate waveform or frequencies for the particular pathology.  Each session of APT treatment with the Alphatron devices is usually 30 minutes and for certain other pathologies, one hour.  Sessions should be daily.  Location of treatment area It is necessary that there is complete penetration in all the body, however not all APT devices have the capacity to do so.  The coil is applied to the affected area where the intensity of the magnetic field will be strongest and the other areas of the body will receive a lesser intensity.  It may be that the coil is not placed directly on the area of greatest pain, as the source of the pain should be the primary target area.  In the case of pain from the sciatic nerve, the patient may feel a stronger pain in the knee and feet, but is caused by inflammation of the nerve.  In cases of joint disease (premature wear and tear of the cartilage, sports injuries, fractures, in post-surgeries) the coil is placed in the specific area of the abnormality. The BioMag staff of professionals, both medical doctors and physiotherapists, are highly skilled and ready to assist you during and after your therapy experience.  Please contact us during the mall’s operating hours of 10 A.M. and 8 P.M. weekdays, Friday and Saturday from 10 A.M. and  9 P.M and Sundays between 11 A.M. and 7 P.M.   Patients must respect their exact appointment times and be punctual.  Any patient arriving later than 40 minutes prior to closing: 7.20 P.M.  weekdays, 8.20P.M. Friday and Saturdays and 6.20 on Sundays will not be treated. 5-Oct-10
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