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THE THERAPEUTIC WELLNESS CONCEPT For more than 20 years, pulsed magnetic field therapy (PEMF) has primarily been used as a bone growth stimulator.  In 1979, based upon the published works of Dr. Andrew Bassett at Columbia University Medical Center, the FDA approved the use of PEMF, but limited to a condition-specific treatment of non-union and delayed union fractures.  Subsequently, the FDA allowed the use of PEMF for the treatment of pain and edema in superficial soft tissues.   It is now commonly accepted the PEMF is capable of initiating various beneficial biological processes including healing for delayed fractures, modulation of muscle tone and spasm and pain relief.  As a result of further PEMF development in Germany, Alphatron Pulsed Therapy (APT) and BioMagnetic Wellness Therapy (BWT) are undeniably able to assist and accelerate the body’s own restorative function in the body by direct cell stimulation - without surgical intervention, without drugs, without side effects. During treatment, you will sit or lie in a completely relaxed fashion.  As a result of a weak current with an extremely low frequency, our machines create a pulsating magnetic field which acts upon the part of the body being treated via a coil.  In the process, the body does not come into contact with electricity.  The pulsating magnetic field creates a biological signal that has a number of beneficial effects on your body: - increased metabolic activity in diseased cells - regeneration of cartilage and bone - improved blood flow and oxygen supply - increasing partial pressure of oxygen - increased enzyme activity (enzymes act as biocatalysts which stimulate regeneration processes)                                        - pain relief We can summarise as follows: If you often find yourself reaching the limits of other treatment methods or an existing type of magnetic field therapy, Alphatron Pulsed Therapy and BioMagnetic Wellness Therapy are still capable of providing you with crucial help. THE TREATMENT After an initial evaluation by registered physical therapists and followed by a medical examination, our experienced doctors and therapists will put together an individual treatment programme for you.  It generally starts with 30 sessions of 20 to 40 minutes, or possibly up to 60 minutes of treatment depending on the diagnosis of the patient.  During the course of treatment, we monitor the healing process very carefully because everyone reacts differently to the frequency, intensity and type of magnetic waves.  Thus we are able to find the most effective combination of possible settings of the machine and are able to achieve the best therapeutic outcome for you. Alphatron Pulsed Therapy (APT) and BioMagnetic Wellness Therapy (BWT)  A closer look. Before we tell you about the many ways in which our treatment can be used, we would like to explain in more detail in the following pages how APT and BWT works on the human body and how the often amazing successes of treatment are brought about.  APT devices are used most commonly for professional use and BWT devices are specially designed for home-use. A NATURAL BIOLOGICAL PROCESS The whole body is controlled by electric impulses.  These impulses may stem from nerve cells, from muscles, joints or tiny electric signals in bone or cartilage.  As part of the natural biological processes, cells in bone and cartilage donate positively and negatively charged ions to the surrounding tissues and take them up again as a result of local stresses and strains, for example, when walking.  This process creates a small electrical impulse, which is established whenever we move.  For example, when you take a step, you generate a small electrical impulse; if you take a thousand steps during the course of a day, you generate a large number of these impulses.  These impulses have a positive effect on the cells in your body because, when you rest at night, they bring about a regeneration of the cells and you recover.  As a result, you will be able once more to take your thousand steps the following day.  But what can you do to provide muscles, ligaments, cartilage or bones with these regenerating impulses if you can no longer bear weight and move in an appropriate fashion?  Alphatron Pulsed Therapy will enable you to experience a situation that is the same as if you took the total day’s number of steps during a 20 - 40 minute treatment.  The crucial difference: you do not cause any wear to your joints and do not suffer any pain, because you have not moved at all.  APT & BWT on this realization.  As a result, you can have a positive effect upon natural biological processes and achieve amazing therapeutic results. THE WAY IN WHICH APT AND BWT WORKS There are a whole series of physical processes taking place in the body when influenced by pulsating low-frequency magnetic fields that accelerates the body to heal itself. And it can be explained scientifically.  The general principle is that pulsating magnetic fields produce dynamic effects in human tissues.  This is brought about by activation of the ion transport at the cell membranes and of the metabolic process of individual cells.  This activation of cells in the body is of crucial importance for the healing process, as the metabolic processes are very closely associated with cell function; and, “substances” must also be able to “change”.  In other words, waste products must be transported out of the cell, and cell-stimulating substances (such as oxygen and enzymes) must be transported into the cell so that the cell can regenerate itself or actually stay alive.  For this, a healthy cell needs a small electric potential that enables substances - by a chemical reaction - to penetrate the cell wall. When a cell is no longer healthy, its electrical potential is too small.  The cell is therefore unable to carry out exchanges with the surrounding tissues to a sufficient extent.  It is also unable to receive and transmit information any longer (particularly important for nerve cells).  Alphatron Pulsed Therapy can help here.  The pulsating magnetic field brings about an immediate increase in the electrical potential of the cell.  The metabolism of the cell is immediately supported and the cell “works” again.  Information can also once again be received and transmitted.  As a result, healthy body cells are regenerated while accelerating the removal of dead cells.  A medical study at Harvard University shows a measurable reaction of the central nervous system to Alphatron Pulsed Therapy.  In fractures, Alphatron Pulsed Therapy simulates a micro-movement at the fracture site, which gives a signal to the bone cells to migrate through the fracture and accelerate the body’s self-healing process. The pulsed magnetic field produces a micro-vibration in the vessel walls.  As a result, receptors are stimulated, which bring about a dilatation of blood vessels, down to the smallest arterioles, and hence an improvement in blood flow.  The clear increase in the oxygen capacity of the blood also supports the healing process.  Alphatron Pulsed Therapy also has a powerful effect in reducing oedema and haematomas.  An increased enzyme activity is demonstrable - enzymes act as biocatalysts, which, for example, are responsible for cartilage formation, strengthening of the bone structure and the obtaining of energy by the body. It has been scientifically proven that the cells in our body do not react to the electric impulse alone, but also to their frequency, intensity and wave-form.  Everyone reacts slightly differently.  In APT and BWT, we produce an individual treatment plan for each patient and find the most promising combination of the possible settings offered by the machine.  This is one of the most important reasons for the outstanding therapeutic success of APT and BWT. To this must be added: APT and BWT work exclusively with pulsating magnetic fields with an extremely low frequency.  Treatment does not involve drugs, is free of side effects and is non- invasive. PRINCIPLE USES In the following section you will find listed the most important types of treatment that are possible with Alphatron Pulsed Therapy.  We then provide more detailed information on particular problem zones of the body with detailed examples of APT application.  But first, however, the most important types of treatment: Joint diseases (arthrosis or arthritis, regeneration of the cartilage have been            demonstrated scientifically) Delayed healing of fractures (also pseudoarthrosis or stress fractures) Osteoporosis and bone loss (necroses) Loosening of prosthesis Back pain Wound healing (including post operative) Injuries to muscles, tendons and nerves Sports injuries, stress Neuralgias, migraines, pains Disorders of blood flow, arterial occlusive diseases Sudeck’s atrophy Ulcus cruris (leg ulcer) Activation of the immune system and increase in the body’s own defences (also Prophylactically or after severe illnesses) Rheumatic diseases Allergies Fatigue states Tinnitus BWT is specially designed for wellness issues as indicated in the above list, i.e. pain, sports, muscle, tendons and nerve injuries, increase body’s defences, increase body’s endurance, stamina and well- being, fatigue, beauty, sleep enhancement, skin and hair treatments, and others. Now we will come to a few concrete examples of use of APT and BWT in particular parts of the body: THE BACK The causes of back pain are often excess loads upon and erosion of the joint surfaces.  In such cases, APT and BWT have been shown to be helpful.  Regeneration of the cartilage covering the joint surfaces and the tissue surrounding the back will help you to move more easily, or indeed make it possible to move at all.  The result: Injuries can be overcome more rapidly.  And: Back pain can be significantly reduced - irrespective of whether the pain is due to arthritic changes or other sources of sensitivity, such as acute inflammation.  If you are unable to lie on your back, we can treat you in a sitting or standing position. THE SHOULDER The shoulder consists of a highly complex system involving a large joint capsule, ligaments and a large number of different muscles.  Pain is generally the result of strains, inflammation of the bursa or tendons, of a capsule or ligament strain, or injury to the cartilage.  Alphatron Pulsed Therapy allows us to treat these joint disorders successfully using an individually adjusted magnetic energy profile. THE HIP JOINT In patients with severe arthrosis, the hip joint is often replaced with an artificial joint.  Alphatron Pulsed Therapy often makes it possible to avoid or delay operative intervention of this sort.  Many patients with early or advanced arthrosis of the hip joint, who are treated in good time with Alphatron Pulsed Therapy, are able - as a result of strengthening of the cartilage - to avoid surgery at a later stage. THE KNEE JOINT Worn out cartilage is the most common reason for pain in the knee joint.  But pain may also be due to a torn meniscus, chronic inflammation of the tendons or an injured ligament.  If an affected ligament is only partly torn, Alphatron Pulsed Therapy may even make it possible in some cases for regeneration of the ligament structures to take place.  Clinical tests have demonstrated this on many occasions.  When Alphatron Pulsed Therapy is used in this way, the cartilage structures in the joint also undergo regeneration.  Alphatron Pulsed Therapy, applied directly to inflamed tendons, can be very successfully in reducing the inflammation. OTHER JOINTS In the examples mentioned above, we have dealt only with some of the more frequently affected joints.  The therapeutic principle on which Alphatron Pulsed Therapy is based is, however, also applicable to all other affected joints, including, for example, hands, elbows or feet. FATIGUE STATES Patients often describe an increase in vitality.  They become tired less often and feel stronger and better able to perform throughout the day. IMMUNE SYSTEM APT and BWT bring about an activation of the immune system and an increase in the body’s own defences. TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENTS / ARTIFICIAL JOINTS Even if an artificial joint is unavoidable, it is possible to achieve a good therapeutic result using Alphatron Pulsed Therapy.  Artificial hip, knee or shoulder joints achieve stability by growth of bone onto the prosthesis.  However, with the years, many prosthesis begin to detach themselves once more (prosthetic loosening), as a result of mechanical stress or the onset of osteoporosis (destruction of the bone structure) due to age.  In many patients, an operation is very risky because they are usually elderly or additionally, have other illnesses.  In patients who have already had their prosthesis changed, the bone structure is often so drastically reduced that a further operation is impossible without fusing the joint.  If Alphatron Pulsed Therapy is used in time in such cases, the stability of the artificial joint can be re-established by an increase in bone density. Alphatron Pulsed Therapy is also highly recommended for preventing loosening of the prosthesis.  Following introduction of an artificial joint, the patients who can most benefit from Alphatron Pulsed Therapy are those in whom the surgeon has not cemented the prosthesis into position, trusting that the prosthesis will heal well within the bone.  In such patients, treatment can support a rapid stabilisation of the prosthesis in the bone and wound healing.  This enables the prosthesis to bear weight sooner and with less risk. OSTEOPOROSIS Clinical studies have shown that Alphatron Pulsed Therapy brings about a definite increase in bone density. NEURALGIAS (I.E. TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA OR SCIATICA) As has already been described, Alphatron Pulsed Therapy increases the oxygen content of the tissues and the formation of enzymes.  In neuralgias, the affected areas are particularly short of oxygen and enzymes.  Because of this, the therapy is particularly helpful in these extremely painful conditions.  In sciatica or inflammations of the nerve roots in the spine (root irritation), Alphatron Pulsed Therapy can reduce inflammation. SPORTS INJURIES Experience in the field of athletics shows that acute joint or muscle injuries (i.e. sprains, bruises, strains) also heal more rapidly with APT and BWT.  The athletes can bear weight fully without pain significantly earlier and can resume training and competition. WOUND HEALING  APT and BWT enables wounds to heal cleanly and speedily with a minimal formation of scar tissue in the healing phase.  Alphatron Pulsed Therapy brings about a more homogenous arrangement of connective tissue and this drastically reduces the factors that disturb healing, for example, after spinal operations, after arthroscopies or other serious surgical interventions.  Treatment has also been shown to be successful in major skin defects, i.e. burns or after plastic surgery.  Demonstrable healing of leg ulcers and very severe soft tissue defects can be shown with Alphatron Pulsed Therapy. ALLERGIES Allergies are definitely reduced by the purposeful use of APT and BWT and are often eradicated completely.  Numerous patients have had very good experiences, particularly in respiratory tract allergies. LONG-TERM PROSPECTS The long-term success of treatment generally depends upon the severity of the condition.  In acute traumatic and inflammatory injuries, disorders of wound healing and blood flow or the early stages of arthrosis, in osteoporosis, fractures and fatigue states or allergies, the patients generally have a very good rate of improvement (more than 80%).  Patients with chronic or chronic degenerative diseases report responses ranging from a definite reduction in pain to complete pain relief - also persisting for many months after the treatment has ended.  The symptoms no longer recur with the same degree of severity as in the past. EXCEPTIONS We do not treat individuals with the following conditions:  Patients with an electronic device, such as a cardiac pacemaker, and patients who are pregnant.  Disclaimer: The Alphatron nor the BioMagnetic devices have not been evaluated by the FDA for effectiveness in the treatment of any diseases and is not considered to be a medical device designed to prevent, diagnose or treat any disease states. In the U.S. it is considered an experimental device.  Most PEMF devices have ISO and CE approvals in Europe and have been safely and effectively used for over 30 years. ALL MATERIAL PROVIDED ON and all BioMagnetic Wellness documents are provided for educational or informational use only. We urge you to consult with an appropriate health care provider with respect to your specific medical condition. It is the intent of BioMagnetic Wellness to provide complete and accurate information without expressing or implying any warranty of any kind only to assist you to better understand your health and your diagnosed disorders.
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