Clinical Observations
Acute Injury
Chronic Injuries (arthritis)
Acute - ligaments
Acute - bone fractures
Chronic Arthritis
Noticeable relief the 3-4th session. Peak effect in two weeks.
Noticeable relief the 5-7th session. Peak effect in six weeks.
Noticeable relief by the 4th session.
Time to heal may be reduced 75%
Noticeable relief by the 4th session. Peak benefit in 6 weeks.
Pain reduction within the first week. Reduction or elimination of
the joint enlargement area may take an additional 3-6 months of
therapy, but it may be possible to repair most of the disfigurement
of arthritis.
The therapy for any patient involves a complex series of related indications, which include several
tissue types such as dense connective tissue (cartilage) and soft tissue (synovial joint lining).       
The trained therapist, using our protocols, seeks to optimize the effectiveness of the therapy by
systematically treating the problem in an organized manner.  The multi-modal therapy techniques of
Alpha Pulse Therapy are necessary for approximately 60% of the patients we see.
Approximately 10% of patients respond positively with significant improvement on the first day;
about 60% respond by the third day and 90% by the fourth day. Approximately 5% do not have
satisfactory responses, but if the patient has the time and patience for the therapist to experiment
with the therapy approach and settings, we believe we can get these patients to respond as well.
These responses correlate well with published double-blind research, except that we believe our
results are much better than the reported literature due to more advanced equipment and therapy
methods.  I have discussed our results with other researchers, who have published in this field, and
they have concurred with our observations; that we may expect better results then those reported in
the literature.
Clinical Observations
The following discussion gives examples of patient responses to the therapy:
David C. , a 51 year - old male; with medical meniscipathy and chondromalacia patellar of the right
knee.  Suffering from severe pain described as sharp and stabbing; therefore couldn't carry out his
activities of daily living like getting up in the morning  without assistance; driving his car for short
distance and standing up for more than five minutes without feeling discomfort.  The patient was
treated with 10 sessions of APT and inmediately responded positive after his second session, being
able to dispose of his cane and then able to make it to the facility on his own.  By the end of his
treatments his gait pattern was back to normal and patient resumed his yoga exercises with no
John H. ; age 58 ; diagnosed with right shoulder rotator cuff tear 8 months ago.  His chief complaints
were very limitted range of motion for all movements over shoulder level and severe pain after 20
sessions of APT; the patient no longer had pain; this was dramatically reduced to zero.  Subsequently,
he started a physiotherapy exercise program based on stretching to increase his joint mobility.   With
two weeks he was able to recover full active range of motion of his right shoulder and returned to
play golf regularly free of pain.
Lilian D. , a 78-year-old female patient with bilateral knees arthrosis, suffered severe pain and
swelling in both knees for more than a year.   The patient was unable to walk long distances, without
her daughter's assistance, due to muscle weakness. At the conclusion of 20 sessions, the patient was
able to  walk normally without assistance; her pain level had been reduced to a one and markedly
increased her knees mobility with a physiotherapy program especially designed for muscle building. 
After considerable improvement, she is now back to taking care of her garden and doing her regular
household chores.
Albert A., a 85-year-old male diabetic neuropathy and peripheral alterations of circulation,
complaining of significant loss of sensitivity on distal area of legs;  also rigidity on toes and
unsteadiness while walking.  Upon completion of ten sessions of Alpha Pulse Therapy, the patient
had complete sensitivity of feet and legs, and once again had a firm feeling of the floor and no longer
had the sensation that he was walking on "bubbles".
David D., a 72-year-old male in generally excellent health and physically appearing many years
younger diagnosed with coracoid tendonitis of the right shoulder, complained of severe pain when
moving his shoulder.  Only basic functional movement could be tolerated.  The patient had
previously attempted to relieve the situation with accupuncture, injections of cortisone and anti-
inflammatory substances.  He started APT with a pain level of 10 and after 20 sessions was released
by his referring physician declaring him 100% cured.  The patient was seen two weeks later in the
gym continuing his weightlifting program and having full range of motion and no pain.
Luisa A., age 77, female, with bilateral arthrosis of knees and, when getting up or walking, suffering
great pain in the right knee and a lesser intensity of pain in the left knee.  Pain reached a level of 10.  
This condition has plagued the patient for over 20 years and after 30 sessions of APT, the pain level
was dramatically reduced to a level of two and the patient is able to do her customary daily walking
and perform her normal activities of daily living.   Having a result with such great impact, the patient
now seeks even more improvement and may consider returning for additional therapy sessions upon
seeing the results of the five-week evaluation period.
Veronica H., a 78-year-old female patient diagnosed with symptomatic right coxarthrosis, resulting in
severe pain in the inner right leg and additional pain in both knees. In these conditions, the
examining physician was optimistic that the patient would respond favorably to Alpha Pulse Therapy
and commenced a series of 10-sessions.  After the fifth session, there was no pain in the right thigh. 
Both knees had some stiffness, around 20% of its initial severity. Upon completion of nine sessions,
the patient had zero pain. With a complementary program of physiotherapy, the leg muscles were
again strengthening.
George S., a 36-year- old male patient recently diagnosed with a herniated disk (L5-S1) producing
radicular right pain radiating to the toes.  Symptoms steadily intensified over a period of eight
months and suddenly when the patient was nearly unable to walk, he consulted with BioMagnetic
Institute Panama.  In a scale of zero to 10, (10 being the maximum pain) pain of the entire right leg
was around seven and the patient commenced the treatment with Alpha Pulse Therapy.  After the
ninth session, the pain decreased to two, the patient dramatically increased flexibility and was able to
work again and sit in a chair for long periods of time.  He still has a tingling feeling in his right foot,
which continues to decrease. He is now able to exercise and has begun a controlled physiotherapeutic
program to built up his muscular structure.
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